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The Lockdown Correspondent

So, here we are together, self-isolating, strangely more connected than ever before.

Like many, Run-Riot has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. That said, we're grateful to be in good health, and we hope that you - our readers - are in bonnie spirits and vibrant health. These can be tough times and we wish the best for each and every one of you.

A silver-lining right now has to be the internet, right? Given the huge choice of art and entertainment, we've done our bit to hopefully make your life a little easier. We've curated a great selection of cultural gems to enjoy at home. From art auctions to books, film, theatre, music, dance and TV.

We're also honoured to have some excellent 'Lockdown correspondents' onboard, writing from London (Lois Keidan, Tom Chivers and Ben Romberg), New York (Mat Fraser) and the south of France (Joseph Seelig). They each offer an insight on the times we're in.

As much as possible, enjoy this unique chapter within your means. Ready yourself for 'Liberation Day' (it'll come) and the good times the post-covid-era could bring.

When humanity is united in common cause, phenomenal change is possible. Our creative powers are boundless.

At Run-Riot we continue to take stock and will write again soon.

Take care, stay safe and good luck. Bottoms up! Jamie x

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