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Vault Festival: Cabaret & Drag Lab Late! at The Vaults

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Time 22:30
Date 06/03/20
Price £16.5

Expect an orgy of radical, experimental artists, positively dripping with queerness, punkery, sauciness and filth from the crop of new graduates of Soho Theatre's acclaimed Cabaret & Drag Lab.

The Cabaret & Drag Lab Late! will be a showcase of some of the finest performers and alumni of the Soho Theatre Cabaret & Drag Lab course. It explores topics like performing gender, make up, lip syncing and character, with participants developing a new 3.5 minute set by the end. This night is a celebration of some of the weirdest and most wonderful creations that have passed through the course. Alumni include Len Blanco, Cyro, Seayance, Glamrou, Creature Cramps and many more stars of the cabaret and drag scene. So come along for the never-before-seen cabaret acts and stay for the sexy, sexy dance party!

Curated by the current tutors of the lab held at Soho Theatre, Celine Lowenthal and Molly Beth Morossa. Celine Lowenthal is the founder and director of PECS Drag King Collective, she has recently directed Shotgun Carousel's productions Divine Proportions and Red Palace. Molly Beth Morossa is a multi-award winning writer, performer, cabaret artist and Head of Cabaret at Shotgun Carousel.

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