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Kaos: Kris Baha at Electrowerkz

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Time 23:30
Date 25/01/20
Price £19.6
  • Produced by Kaos
  • Price £19.60 (inc fees)
  • Bring along your druggy, dystopian and energetic artistic ethos.
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  • See you at Electrowerkz

Dive deep into the void, as Kris Baha delivers an extended 7+ hour set of obscure, otherworldly machine music driven by emotion and mood.

One year on from Kris Baha's now legendary all night session at Kaos London in December 2018, people still talk with wide eyes about the incredible sonic journey that played out over seven hours... the time has come for the next installment.

Much time has passed since Kris Baha swapped the parched red earth and searing midday sun of the Australian outback for the brutalist buildings, communist-era apartment blocks and slate-grey skies of East Berlin. Now firmly embedded in his adopted city, Baha bas become known for a trademark DJ and production style inspired by sun-baked hallucinatory visions and the clandestine, concrete-clad industrial hum of the metropolis after dark.

When not channeling the musical spirits to inspire dancers, Baha can be found lurking in the shadows of his secretive studio space. There, he performs mixing, mastering and remix duties for the likes of Die Wilde Jagd, Novo Line, The TWINS, Khidija, Eva Geist, Boys Noize, Bell Towers, Joakim and Red Axes. There has also been a noted collaboration with fellow Aussie outcast Dreems as Die Orangen, with the two joining forces for a series of thrillingly wayward “krautback” releases on Multi-Culti.

Yet it’s his own skewed, mutant dancefloor productions for which Baha is undoubtedly best known. Inhibiting their own sound space between industrial, EBM, minimal wave, early ‘90s IDM and krautrock, Baha’s releases have so far featured on such record labels as Bahnsteig 23, Pinkman, CockTail D’Amore Music, She Lost Kontrol and Power Station, the imprint he initiated back in 2015.

COMPETITION: Win 1x pair of tickets to attend Kaos: Kris Baha at Electrowerkz at 23:30 on Saturday 25 January. To enter the competition, send an email to vienna@run-riot.com with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ line. The winner will be randomly selected.

Q: Kris Baha - he's playing over 7 hours, so naturally, here is a joke about the number seven: Why is ten afraid of seven?
A: .1) Because...dyscalculia .2) Because seven ate (eight) nine .3) Because seven is a bit odd .4) Because...Arithmophobia