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A Curious Invitation: Loss - the Valentine's Masquerade Ball at the Century Club

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Time 21:00
Date 15/02/20
Price £15

Come drink, dance and revel in celebration of heartache, angst and woe, in this evening of magnificent melancholy.

Gather here all you lovelorn, you broken hearted, you jilted, you two-timed, you romantically dispossessed, you ex-inamorati and find expiation in your mutual misery. Celebrate the heartache, remembering teenage infatuation, the death of a beloved pet or perhaps the nation’s impending divorce from the EU, for The Valentine's Masquerade Ball will be taking over four floors of Soho's exclusive Century Club and will feature a wondrous cast list of London's most eerie, exotic and eccentric performers.


Gipsydelica - Balkan psychedelic-ethno-rock infusion
Barbarella's Bang Bang - a diverse and multicultural group taking influences from South and East European Folk to classical punk rock
Graham Sugarlump Power - a DJ with an encyclopedic knowledge of music from the past 50 years, an extensive record collection, rare mixing abilities, an insatiable appetite for new music and an uncanny ability to read a dance floor and find the right tunes
World's Tallest DJ - adept, vertically stretched, electro-swinging goodness. specialising in colourful, quirky, eccentric bangers
DJ Jamie Moon - expect an eclectic set weaving vintage and contemporary gems, floorfillers and obscurities, sleazy listening to grindin' rock n roll, glamour trash to electro booty and beyond
Johnny Bones - drag performer Miss Bones will take you through a raw theatrical splendour – weird, wonderful and stunningly beautiful, something spooky, something kooky and always camp
Hibyan Sky - a multi-skilled performer merging dance with aerial, fire, pyrotechnics and more
Isobel Midnight -  fire performer extraordinaire
The Travelling Menagerie - run by Tim Maynard who spends his days taking his animals to schools across the country with a project he founded called the Living Classroom
World's Talest Bubbleologist - Will Wiles aka The Worlds Tallest Bubbleologist (6ft10!) has been performing soapy miracles for 8 years
Engineers of Desire - fluxing the gap between retro-futurism and alternative post-apocalyptic, Engineers of Desire have been designing alternative clothing for the post-punk Mad Max generation for the last decade
Cologne Pole & Burlesque Academy - Céline Shabba Le Gall, the founder of Cologne pole fitness, will be travelling over from Germany to offer an instant Burlesque transformation at the Valentine's Ball
Golden Servers - these golden servers are a A Curious Invitation institution
The Onion Carvers - the crying club
Master Peter - discipline is the word of the day in Master Peter's dungeon, and he thinks nothing of dispensing some martial law on any unruly private
Troylus Searll - the Waltz meister
Suzette Field - impresario
Theatre of Dolls - Theatre of Dolls creates other-worldly visual experiences and 4-dimensional art pieces, using puppets as storytellers and their own bodies as sculptural landscapes
More to be announced at acuriousinvitation.com

COMPETITION: Win 1x pair of tickets to attend A Curious Invitation: Loss - the Valentine's Masquerade Ball at the Century Club at 21:00 on Saturday 15 February. To enter the competition, send an email to vienna@run-riot.com with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ line. The winner will be randomly selected.

Q: Out of the following, which figure is considered the symbol of love?
A: .1) Easter Bunny .2) Jack Skellington .3) Father Christmas .4) Cupid

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