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Girl Power Saves Lives

Do you remember your first time? With over 200 million women around the world having no access to contraception, the difference between how that and the power to choose impacts on women's lives here in the UK and elsewhere is stark.

All women should have these same choices and the power to plan their families. With education, empowerment and access to contraception, we can save the lives of 3 million children and 200,000 mothers.

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Mary Epworth: Black Doe

We tend to find that here at Run-Riot HQ we share a lot of the same taste and habits as our readers. Makes sense, right? Otherwise why would you be reading this? So if, like us, you're also avid 6 Music listeners, the name Mary Epworth might ring a bell. Lauren Laverne interviewed her earlier this month when she performed a live session on 6 Music. Her album came out on June 18th, here's one of the tracks from it- we think she's pretty special.

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Gabby Young: Male Version of Me

Gabby Young and Other Animals are back with a new album! Here's an acoustic version of one of the slow numbers , but come along to the launch on Wednesday 13th June for a fun-filled, energetic, action packed gig! There'll be playing all the tracks off the new album with a stage full of performers, Gabberdashery goodies and even a vintage photobooth.

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Thankyou Hater-dedicated to hard working internet trolls everywhere.By Clever Pie and Isabel Fay

Absolute genius. If the lyrics and the video themselves weren't priceless, you get double funs by then reading the hatey comments from..oh yeah..the people the song is about. It's just the gift that keeps on giving. I especially love the talking heads with some of our favourite comedians talking about the worst troll comments they've received- Josie Long's ' This c*nt should be raped in the eyes'  is a classic.

Huge kudos to Isabel Fay- as some of the comments say- She has won the internet.Fact.

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Road To Nowhere - Katie's Dream

3RD - 5TH AUGUST 2012

No currency. No hierarchy. No boundaries.
A non profit organisation [all income generated is reinvested]
No use of currency on site  [attendees must bring all their own supplies and be willing to contribute]
Forging an open and dynamic collaboration between participants [RTN are open to collaborations with all creatives]

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LIFT 2012 launch trailer

LIFT 2012 is on its way. Here's a little trailer they've made for you where they've asked a few leading artists, programmers and professionals what they're looking forward to in LIFT 2012.

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Bishi: 'Albion Voice' video - single release 28 May

Director: Matthew Hardern
This is the lead track from the album of the same name -
Limited free download available from May 28th for the Queens Jubilee!

Recorded over 2 years in London, LA and Buenos Aires this song features, (film composer) John Williams' string players! It is about the search for identity in a multicultural world.

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