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Look At Me Like That - A film by Tamsin Omond and Marika Kochiashvili

Look At Me Like That from Marika Kochiashvili on Vimeo.


● Fay Milton, of Mercury Prize nominated band SAVAGES, composes score of new short film
● Grace Chatto, of Grammy winning band CLEAN BANDIT, plays cello for score
● Script taken from more than 50 women’s candid interviews about their sexual experience

A short film, created by Marika Kochiashvili and Tamsin Omond, is launched online this week. The script was written following in depth and searingly honest interviews with over 50 women about their experience of sex. ​It follows one woman as she moves from sexual shame - sex as a performance done for another's pleasure - towards something much more released: sex as exploration, pleasure and freedom. The score for the film was composed by Fay Milton and is performed by cellist and founding member of Clean Bandit, Grace Chatto.

The online launch of the film included a screening hosted by Tamsin and Marika at The Babel Art House in East London. The film has also been screened in Kino Moviemento, Berlin and The Frontline Club, Tbilisi. The film is dedicated “to all the women who shared their stories with us and all of our ongoing sexual discoveries”.

Fay Milton said: “I read the interview questions Marika and Tamsin were asking the women involved and I was fascinated by how honest women would be, when asked, with an aspect of themselves that’s so powerful, but also, private - secret somehow - vulnerable. I wanted to be part of a project that examined so closely the limitations we put on our sexuality and where those limitations come from. I love how the film has turned out - you can lose yourself in Grace’s playing of my music, the dance - for me - is a real high point of this short, and - all in all - the urgent pulse of the film.”

Marika Kochiashvili said: “Look At Me Like That asks how it would feel for a woman to free herself from the performance of her sexuality. How does it feel for her to enjoy her sexuality? To release herself from the sexual expectations of her society and her partners and instead to leap unbounded into the fire of her own sexual pleasure.

“We created this film after interviewing more than 50 women about their experience of their own sexuality. Look At Me Like That is inspired by their challenges and triumphs. The film shows the bliss of realising and releasing your own sexual power. It touches upon how female sexual experience is limited by patriarchy and how masturbation is one way that we might set ourselves free.”


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