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Podcast by Sketchy (Nikhil Shah): Music and Movement: Nod Your Head To The Beat


Nikhil Shah (Mixcloud co-founder) has recently set up a new project - Dance Club - with choreographer’s and dancers Emma Zangs and Mariana Marquez. ‘I’ve recently been getting obsessed with dance. This is the first in my series of "Music and Movement" mixes - where I play jams that make me wanna move.

This short 35 minute mix goes on a journey from warm up ambient vibes to head nod beats to straight up boogie bangers. Featuring tracks by Floating Points, Nao, Flako, Mura Masa, Freekwency and more.

Nod your head to the beat yo’
says Nikhil.

Here’s a bit more about Dance Club. It’s a new type of event that is at the intersection between a club night, a dance class and a dance show. They believe passionately in the power of dance to engage the mind, body and soul - their mission is to "Inspire Through Dance".

Dance Club is a collaboration between Nikhil Shah (Mixcloud, ManMakeMusic) and Mariana Marquez + Emma Zangs (Marquez&Zangs). The format is a DJ set with “guided” rather than “taught” dance instruction.

Dance Club takes place in spaces that lend themselves to creativity and self expression. They create an environment that is trusting and non-judgmental, allowing you to express yourself without feeling self-conscious.


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