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Anniversary Wired.co.uk Podcast 100: LIVE

Wired celebrate their 100th podcast with a live podcast- Enjoy the video version here.


Wired editor Nate Lanxon says:

Our episode was recorded with a jam-packed live audience, with special guest Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf, Scrapheap Challenge, Fully Charged), at the Holborn Whippet in Central London on the evening of Thursday 8 November. 

The extra-special hour-long show pulled together everything we think the Wired.co.uk Podcast is: an informative and timely news programme, presented as accessible lighthearted entertainment.

With Robert joining myself, Olivia, Liat, Ian and David, we swerve through the week in technology, science and culture news, discuss the past, present and future of Red Dwarf and electric vehicles, and experiment with a live game of Wired Or Tired with our audience.

And someone won a Sonos Christmas bundle on the night -- which you could do too by listening to the show. All is revealed in the programme.

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