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Open Call for Artists: Puppy does Rave Culture (Club Night)

Puppy are looking for artworks exploring the theme of Rave and Club Culture in all its many forms for their brand-spanking new club night taking place at The Yard Theatre on Saturday 8th June.

Deadline for submissions: Sunday 5th May.

Here's what they have to say:
Rave and the self-governing spaces it creates has long been a way to breakdown borders in communities. With the current global shift to right-wing movements, borders, walls etc its time to take a serious look at rave ethos and inclusivity.

We're looking for:
Live Art
Visual artists

We're looking for submissions exploring:
Subculture/Counterculture, Resistance, Queer clubbing, Liminal spaces, Primitive cultures, Self-governing communities, Commercialisation of clubs/festivals/rave/clothing, Temporary communities, Squat culture, Dancing, Drugs-Ecstasy/MDMA, Law enforcement raids, Secret communication, Pagan symbolism, Vibe, Anti-Thatcherism, UK Housing Act, Riots, Camaraderie, Inclusion, Anti-Right Wing, Black culture, Queer culture, Diversity, Synths, Sound systems, DIY/Punk, Club kids, New romantic, Youth culture, Hedonism, Community, AV Art, Fashion, Street performance, Hippie Ethos, Protest and Activism, Freedom of Expression, Dance, Breakdown of Borders, UK/Detroit/Berlin/Chicago/Ibiza/Etc, Street/Woods/Nightclub/Warehouse, House/Techno/Electro/Trance/Breakbeat/D&B/Dubstep/Hardcore, etc

We welcome applications from anyone and everyone. We cant wait to hear all your submissions!

About Puppy:
Puppy is a brand new performance and art club night in the heart of Londons alternative East end, Hackney Wick. The night will be held at The Yard Theatre, a backbone of Londons Live Art scene. Puppy will be a regular London club night championing experimental art on the outskirts of traditional music, performance and visual art.

What we can offer:
Accommodation for all non-London Artists. A small performance fee varying depending on experience. All profits from the night will go to the artists, we are a non-for profit organisation. Please send all submissions with the title 'Puppy Submission' to Becky@beckyobrien.co.uk by the 5th of May.

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