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NextUp's Comedy Bursary

Stand-up streaming service NextUp has launched a special bursary to broaden the range of comedians available on their platform.

NextUp’s Co-Founder Sarah Henley said: “NextUp’s goal is a fair and equal comedy world where any comedian regardless of identity can be given the same opportunity as others. We’d like a platform where young comics coming up through the ranks, see opportunities for themselves and are inspired to keep going. Whilst there’s no shortage of comedic styles on our platform - the same currently can’t be said for comedian diversity and we’re actively working to address that.”

The NextUp Grapevine Bursary Criteria

• Performers must either be people of colour and/or identify as female or non-binary.
• The show being recorded should be a ‘full show’ of at least 40 minutes i.e. the type performed at Edinburgh or when a comedian is on tour.
• The show must be professionally filmed on 3 or more cameras with professionally recorded sound.
• The show must not have any compliance issues such as unwarranted use of audio effects, music (including walk-on music), 3rd party imagery or potentially untrue facts that could be damaging. Head here for full info.
• Open to comedy performers worldwide.

The company adds: "The NextUp team are always keen to talk to comics - if comedians don't fit this criteria, but are keen to have their show on NextUp, they're welcome to get in touch to chat things through."

For further information and application info, head to nextupcomedy.com/grapevine. Applications close Friday 10 June.

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