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Led by Donkeys: Fund an honest No Deal Brexit ad campaign

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are about to spend £100 million of public money on advertising for a No Deal Brexit. However, let's face it - can they really be trusted to tell the truth? We think not. Cue Led by Donkeys. These clever folk have launched the campaign that only an honest government would run. Here's what they have to say:

We’ve designed “official” government posters (logo and all) with warnings from Johnson’s own ministers and leaked government documents about the reality of a No Deal Brexit.

We’re not making it up. These are their own words.

The last time Johnson and Gove ran an advertising campaign it was littered with lies, like their NHS red bus nonsense. Now they’re planning to spend tens of millions of pounds of our money on another propaganda push. Ministers fear a crash out No Deal Brexit could cause job losses, shortages of fresh food and medicine, an increase in organised crime and even death. We’re letting the public know because Johnson and Gove won’t.

We’ve put these billboards up on more than a dozen sites already but if we raise enough money we can plaster the whole of the UK with the truth about a Boris Brexit.

Each billboard costs roughly £1,000 and every penny raised goes to making them happen. Like all our work to date, these posters are 100% funded through contributions on this page.

If we raise just 0.05% of the government’s advertising budget - £50,000 - we can get 50 of these billboards up in every corner of the country and spark conversations in local communities about what a No Deal Brexit really means.

Let’s mock Johnson and Gove’s hypocrisy and turn their phoney government campaign on its head,

Led By Donkeys (Ben, James, Olly and Will) x

Head to Led by Donkey's crowdfunder page at: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/by-donkeys

or... check them out on: Facebook and Twitter




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