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Crowd Funder: Let's paste these tweets* all over Britain

This Brexit chaos is founded on the forgotten lies of our leaders. Let’s remind the country of them with giant billboards.

When Led by Donkeys started this, they were just six friends who wanted to highlight the hypocrisy of our politicians over Brexit. Armed with ladders, roller brushes and a treasure trove of damning statements by our leaders, they slapped up their biggest lies onto posters around the country. But of course... This guerrilla operation has it's limitations... This is where they need your help!

Not only are these posters usually removed by the billboard owners, but the Led by Donkeys team only have so many arms, and they just have so many more amazing quotes from Boris, IDS, Farage etc, that they simply want to share with the country, so, they're proposing to do something different... To turn this guerrilla operation into one of the biggest people-funded billboard protests this country has seen. Ever!

Although the price does vary, these billboards cost in the region of £1000 each. They do, however, stay up for a whole month.

So help the Led by Donkeys crew raise enough to plaster this country with questionable quotes from our government - you even get to vote on which ones should go up and where they go! Let's cut through today's chaos by showing our fellow citizens that this Brexit failure was founded on lies and hypocrisy.

Show your support by heading to 'Let's Paste These Tweets* All Over Britain, at

(Led by Donkeys are all volunteers and every penny raised goes to the campaign)

*They're not all tweets, but they're all real quotes.






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