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Agent Lynch, One Year On!

Wow it’s coming up to a year since I started performing and what a year it has been! I have been naughty about updating this blog. I end up writing long rambling emails to friends and not on here. Ooh hard to strike the balance between keeping it interesting and telling too much….

But here is what I can tell you. Everything has started to change since I was made redundant from my Ad Agency, which was a bit of a shock but actually a blessing in disguise. It just seems to have fast forwarded my decision to really go for Burlesque.

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Hussey's Riot: Forgive me Viv

In which Hussey plays a Gallic ponce then rows with national treasure Vivienne Westwood...

I get up and hit the shower, after all it's Saturday morning and I have a Manifesto to read! Yes a manifesto and about time too! Never a good one since the Commies!

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Ich bin ein Berliner: More Pricks Than Kicks

I thought a year was long time to stay in one place but Dorothy trumped me. “The last time I left Berlin was 10 years ago,” she said over her Sternburg, at 60 cents a bottle the impoverished drunkards beer of choice. She mentioned it as a fact, without pride or regret, like saying on which day the rubbish is collected or when you had your shoes fixed last - incidentally done free of charge at an orthopedic clinic in Neukölln, where they also pay you 40 Euros to undergo tests on your feet (mark it in your notebooks for desperate times).

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Hussey's Riot: House Party

The whiskeys lined the bar. There are moans at the back but our rotgut hors d'oeuvre is mandatory. All five of us slam.

It's the last round before ditching the pub, some relic adrift on the stub end of Mare Street. You know the kind. It has odd posters of Irish castles and a clapped out clientèle. The yellow-fingered husks look at us. How curious to have their peace disturbed by our chatter, by the buzzed choices we put on the Jukebox.

'Take my Breath Away! do do do-doo-do-do'

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a quick plug: Celebrity endorsed grills

Is there anything more facinating and horifying symultaniously than the Ex Boxer/ wrestler making an infomercial for a cheap grilling product and extoling its virtues to a z list shopping TV presenter?

for my occasional views and reviews check:


Highlights so far: Don King Judging a grill off between George Formans grilling machine & Evanda Holyfeilds Grill

and the spectacularly so bad its good hulk hogan infomercial for his 'Ultimate Grill'

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Hussey's Riot: Barndating!

So here it is punters. The first adventure! Hussey's Riot begins.

I awoke the next day in my room, caked in that London, hangover sweat, mind troubled by images.

Twirling bodies, a beautiful girl. Barndating?

What did it all mean? Well sit back reader and let me dream it all up for you...you are feeling very sleepy...drink this, no don't worry...they are vitamins...

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'Hussey's Riot' - one man, a million London parties...

Something appalling happened to me recently. I was swanning around an exotic continent, when boom! My money ran out. It was time to go home.

Farewell Guatemala, I will miss your smiling people and your rule free traffic. Goodbye mountain ringed Xela, you were an ugly town but you knew how to have a good time.

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The Bookchurch Review: 'Ecce Homo' by Nietzsche

Let's start today's breathless review of the Oxford University Press new edition of Ecce Homo (Friedrich Nietzsche's curious autobiography) with something completely different. A shouty imperative and then a nice video just like teacher used to show.


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