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Theatre Review: 'Bourgeois & Maurice - Social Work' in Edinburgh. Words by Scottee

Bourgeois & Maurice - Pleasance Over the Road *****

Bourgeois & Maurice have long been my favorites, with lyrics like 'you don't like the taste of pooh, its just something you must do' what isn't there to love?

This year sees the dynamic duo hit the big time with 'Social Work'. After a sell out London run at Soho Theatre and critical acclaim, Edinburgh was a change to see if they 'worked' outside the M25.

Maurice enters in darkness, which aptly reflects her character beautifully, Bourgeois stumbles stage left looking like an extra from Notting Hill carnival, he's all teeth and tits and attempts a grin from ear to ear. They both look up and give you an unnerving look which translates to 'What the fuck are you doing here?' which is the premise for the show, you're not really essential in their plight to rid the world of ritaylin addicted children but if you want to watch then fine. 

Social Work highlights all that is wrong with our society, our obsessions with fame fortune, Facebook and Topshop, our sexual habits, our lack of compassion for one another and our addictions.
Songs like 'What do you do for Sex', 'Dull People' and 'Celebrity' are sliced together with some genius films from video artist Reuben Cook. However this isn't any excuse to call them multi-media, in their own words 'if your not fucking projecting 5D images its not multi fucking media'

This by no means is your middle of the road pop covering cabaret innuendo pub act, from output to outfit these two reek of professionalism. At no point enter their world expecting a light hearted cabaret, this isn't light hearted and infact this isn't cabaret, this is a movement and they are the dictators.

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