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In 1987 my Dad took me and my Mum to Spain. I was 18 months old and only memory I have of the holiday is sipping cola and dancing to the Hokey Cokey surrounded by other council kids giving it the ‘left leg in’! 

Fast forward 26 years and my music taste hasn’t changed much! On New Years Eve I’ve booked the creators of the Hokey Cokey, Agadoo, Superman and Conga - Black Lace to perform at my sell out, knees up, variety show Camp! 
I nervously called Mr Agadoo aka Dene on bleak afternoon in December and our 6m 32 second phone call went something like this... 

Scottee: Are you excited about performing at Camp on NYE?

Dene: I’m very excited about performing at Camp, I’ve never performed in London on New Years Eve before! It’s going to be a fun night - the best party in town!

S: Obviously! One of my earliest memories is dancing to Agadoo in Spain aged 2! How did you end up joining Black Lace?

D: I joined Black Lace around Christmas in 1985! Alan Barton was my best friend and we worked in many bands together as teenagers!

S: Any memorable stories of late nights on the road your able to share...

D: I have many stories of being on the road with Black Lace!

S: I guess many are too sworded to share?

D: …well, there was this one night we were travelling home from a gig very late in the winter snow, I was driving and Alan was sleeping in the passenger seat!

We were stopped by two police officers, one got out of the car and the other one stayed in the police car as it was snowing heavily! I pulled the window down and asked if all was ok, he was looking in at us and probably recognised who we were but didn't say anything, he just told me to slow down and be careful in the snow! He got back to his police car, I proceed to pull out and drive past him the next thing I know he’s pulling me over again. He came back to our car and said 'my police friend and I have just been talking and if we catch you again were gonna AGA-doo do do ya!

S: How’s married life treating you?

D: Married life suits me, there is never a dull moment with Mrs Agadoo!

Is it true you conga’d down the isle to Agadoo?

D: Yes we did conga'd down the isle at our Wedding and our first dance was Superman!

S: Recently were on Britain’s Most Obsessive Shoppers talking about your addiction to eBay…

D: We have both been on National TV with various shows! Yes, the last one we were on was on BBC1 about my compulsive shopping online!!! I’m not too bad now after my therapy.

S: What can we expect from your Camp NYE show?

D: I’m really looking forward to performing for you all in London on New Years Eve, it will be so much fun!! I think everyone needs to get ready to partieeeee and Ag-a-doo do do! 

Black Lace will be performing live at Scottee’s Camp NYE at the Black Cap, Camden.

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