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Royal Art Lodge answer a few questions...

Royal Art Lodge were an art collective
based in Winnipeg. Over the years they
have had a few different members and had
their last show as a collective at
The Liverpool Biennial but still continue to
create art, original member Neil Farber
and Michael Dumontier still work
Royal Art Lodge's work are
are small-scale
drawings and paintings
which often incorporate text.
The group met for several years
once a week to
produce drawings allowing members contribute

whatever they wished to each piece of work.

I had the opportunity to speak to Neil Farber,
a founding member here's what happened...

I came across Royal Art Lodge at The Liverpool Biennial last year and didn't realise you guys have been going for about a decade, could you describe you collective (members, ethos, evolution etc)?

We started in university as a group of 6 artists who were making similar work. After university we rented a studio together and continued the group. 8 different people have been in the group, but never more than 6 at a time. The main thing we did was make drawings together with everyone passing them around the table so anyone could add to them. We also made videos and performances. A few years ago 3 members left and there were only 3 of us left in the group. At this time we switched to making paintings exclusively. The Liverpool Biennial show was our last show ever as we decided to end the group last year, because one of the members is living in New york and the others are in Winnipeg.

Your grandiose name?

A pretty Canadian sounding name.


We would have hundreds of thousands of millions of influences. There are great things everywhere.

You studio looks like a beautiful mess?

At this point it's basically a storage facility. If you don't want something at your house, but don't want to give or throw it away you can always take it to the studio.

Are works biographical, 'I loved My Mother's New Husband' especially?

Probably not very often, but there is a lot of work so maybe a small percentage could be.

Who paints/draws what series wise?

Anyone could do whatever they felt like doing.

What is on your current studio play list?

Myself, I have been listening to whatever old records are new to the house, before they get filed away. These are U.F.O., the Kinks, Flower travelling band, The 5th dimension.

Do you make Music as well as Art?

Yes, that is my main hobby. Well collecting music gear would be the hobby, but I do make music on occasion too.

Trade List?

Yes, we add to the trade list whenever we can think of anything. I try to keep it as up to date as possible.

I have a wolf mask does this mean I get a print?

If you send me that specific wolf mask, I'll send you a painting.

Future shows/plans?

The Art Lodge broke up, but everyone who was in the group is stilling making work. Michael and I are still making paintings together that would be
similar to anything on the website.

Selected Works

* all Images supplied by Royal Art Lodge

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