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Hg2...London review 4 favorite venues

Hg2 is an abbreviation for A Hedonist's Guide to... - a luxury city guide series coveted by travellers who value both style and substance when it comes to soaking up a city. Hg2 has teamed up with Run Riot to deliver monthly recommendations for things to do and see in London Town. Check out their website: http://www.hg2.com And, specially for Run Riot readers, you can get access to a free online guide courtesy of Hg2, click here: http://www.hg2.com/partners/run-riot Click here to read our interview with Fleur Britten, Editor of Hg2 London on her top tips on the changing ways of Hedonism in London - full of foody treats and lifestyle nods and winks.


Whitechapel Art Gallery

You may already know about Whitechapel Art Gallery, but what you my not know about is Late Nights Experimental - arty lock-ins with might-be-big bands playing acoustically (previously Florence and the Machine), live art and spoken word (£6–8, 8–11pm ‘officially’, monthly Fridays, sometimes more frequently; check website). Also open till 9pm every Thursday for film and talks.
020 7522 7888


Resistance Gallery

If the rest of London melts down into one big corporate mulch, the ‘Res Gal’ would surely be the last to yield. The creation of Garry Vanderhorne, Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler and firm friend to London’s performance art scene, it is, as such, a flexible space to facilitate anything, so long as it’s edgy (i.e., on the edges of boundaries, sanity and taste) and entertaining. It’s a magnet for London’s avant-garde community, unfussed by moneyed polish. Just as well: down a dark, Victorian alleyway, under the railway arches is a post-industrial corrugated shell, unmarked of course, with a basic bar, salvage-chic furniture and a lo-fi, anti-commercial vibe.



Passing Clouds

It’s not a club, it’s a revolution. And if you want to build a revolution, you have to throw great parties, say the people behind Passing Clouds. In the early days (mid-Noughties), the house-party vibe was such that people would wake up the next day on its engulfing sofas. Nowadays, matters are rather more ordered(ish) – they mean business with that revolution, but given that it’s all about the independent conscience scene (yes, you can party consciously), and that community is the order of the day, the make-yerself- at-home atmosphere endures. Housed in a handsome 19th-century ex-printworks down an alley by a disused railway line, the club is appropriately non-commercial and low-fi (read: cheap entry and drinks; scruffy antiques). Its signature is live world music – gypsy, roots, afro-jazz – played out to both the downstairs dance floor and the more chilled first floor, but its reputation is more that people go because it will be a wild, friendly party, not because they have any idea who’s playing; Sundays see a local jam – to be kept in the loop, become their Facebook friend. It’s a good look.



Donmar Warehouse

Named after theatre impresario Donald Albery and his friend, the ballerina Margot Fonteyn (Don and Mar, see?), who in 1961 together set up this space in an old warehouse, the Donmar is an internationally acclaimed yet intimate studio theatre with just 250 seats, renowned for its edgy, new productions.
0844 871 7624