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Hg2: 'A Hedonists Guide to Life' Edited by Fleur Britten

A Hedonist’s guide to… LIFE

Edited by Fleur Britten

Available in all good bookshops from Tuesday, 23rd October 2007.

A Hedonist’s Guide to Life is a manual to all life’s pleasures, be they simple or guilty, the thrill of rebellion or the thrill of religion. The unifying principle is simply the very great importance of pleasure itself. So come on – smoke a cigar! Get off on altruism! Throw a fancy breast party!

Contributors include Sir Clement Freud, Tom Hodgkinson, Simon Munnery, Howard Marks, Moby, Miranda Sawyer, Sebastian Horsley, Oscar Humphries and Queens of Noize, who have variously written on sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, plus other indulgences such as gastronomy, gambling, drinking, therapy and golf.

A Hedonist’s Guide to Life comprises 75 essays, all presented in a sexy black matt book, including:

Solo Dining by Dom Joly
How to Eat Lobster in a Warzone by Martin Deeson
A Hedonist’s Guide to Festivals by Bill Brewster
How to Cook with Cannabis and not OD Your Guests by Tim Pilcher
A Field Guide to Magic Mushrooms by Patrick Harding
Psychoactivity in the strangest places by Howard Marks
The Straight Man’s Guide To Cruising and Cottaging by Paul Flynn
Sex Party Etiquette by Catherine Townsend
How to handle a Hooker by Sebastian Horsley
Poker Skills For Life by Eliza Burnett
How To Pick A Horse In a Paddock by Sir Clement Freud
How to Blag Your Way Backstage by Moby
How To Be A Rock’n’roll Rebel by Miranda Sawyer
How to Get out of your Head on Yoga by Tony Marcus
How To Infiltrate A Cult by Mary Wakefield
Freedom through Limitation by Billy Childish

“Practise your strut. Swing those arms, sway those hips, and don’t fall over. If you do, roll around on the floor and swing your hair around like Beyonce, as if all on purpose.”
How To Rule Like A Drag Queen, by Jodie Harsh

“If you manage to get onto a private jet, go wild. Smoke. Bring your dog. Try and have sex. If you smoke a lot then the cabin will be hazy and this will be easier to conceal.”
Wing it with Jets, Boats and Hookers, by Oscar Humphries

“If a track really bombs, whip it off the decks, snap it in two and throw it to the baying mob. They love that.”
How To DJ, by Queens Of Noize.

About The Editor
Fleur Britten is a journalist and author of A Hedonist’s Guide to London, A Hedonist’s Guide to Milan and Debrett’s Etiquette for Girls.

A Hedonist’s Guide to.., series is a collection of ‘little black book’ travel guides, detailing all you need to know about the best hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and culture in the world’s party capitals.

Hg2 Life wcan be purchased for the fine price of £13.99 from all good bookshops or online at: ...

Hardback copies are available.


COMPETITION: 2 copies of Hg2's 'A Hedonists Guide to Life' Edited by Fleur Britten - a highly desirable book to say the least.

To claim your tickets, send an email with the correct answer in the ‘subject’ box. The winner will be randomly selected.

Q: Of the following, who DID NOT contribute their wit and charm to this rather good book?

A: 1) Howard Marks .2) Miranda Sawyer .3) Sir Clement Freud .4) Paris Hilton


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