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Broaden your knowledge and support the UK's small charities: A night of quizzing with Gavin Inskip

People across the UK have done a stellar job in bringing the pursuits of a varied life to the confines of lockdown. From house parties in your lounge to streamed theatre shows to instructions on how to cook your own gourmet meals, diversity is key. If you're one of the few who haven't discovered the joy of virtual quizzing, now is your chance. Presenter and comedian Gavin Inskip has been hosting live quizzes online for you to play in the comfort of your very own home. Nothing unites a household like fierce competition in an enclosed space.

A percentage of ticket sales goes to charity, there are prizes to won and you have the opportunity to impress your family and friends with your incredible booksmarts (or appall them with the lack thereof). We caught up with Gav to learn more about what a typical Gav Quiz entails... 


What made you decide to run a virtual pub quiz during the lockdown?

I've been running a live quiz at Soho House in London for over five years which obviously came to a halt once the lockdown happened. A friend convinced me to do an online version as they said that everyone was doing them these days, so I had to join in or I'd be left behind! My friend Megan phoned me one day at 3pm and told me I basically had to go live that evening. By 8pm that same day, after a stressful 5 hours of creating graphics, battling with Youtube and setting up the broadcast streaming service, the first Gav Quiz had begun! 

What's the set-up? When and where can people play? 

We started off running a free Wednesday quiz on Facebook and YouTube. This was so successful that we were able to expand the quiz to a 'Gold' edition which goes live at 8pm every Sunday. Tickets are £3.99 (the price of a pint!) and you just need one ticket per household. A percentage of the ticket sales goes straight to charity and there's a chance for players to make donations throughout the game (100% of which goes to the charity in question). All you need is a pen and paper to play or - if you're feeling organised - you can print off the official quiz sheets from the website. 

What sort of rounds can players expect? 

General Knowledge - mixed in with video, audio and wildcard rounds such as 'What inanity did Trump utter this week?' We also link up with celebs in their homes for bonus rounds such as Jon Culshaw, Dr Ranj and Chris Moyles!  There's definitely something for everyone. 

How does GavQuiz differ from the other online pub quizzes out there?

I don't think of Gav Quiz as a traditional pub quiz. We try to keep the pace fast moving and engaging as opposed to me reading out a bunch of questions and answers. I have a long background in the entertainment industry so I know how to create a slick show that brings all my skills together - presenting, comedy, radio etc. We also have prizes from various boardgame companies to give away each week! 

Which charities does Gav Quiz Gold raise money for?

We mainly focus on smaller, local charities who really appreciate the difference our contribution makes. For example, Safer Homes raises money for victim of domestic abuse, Forest Gold provides entertainment for NHS staff across Essex and Isabel Hospice provides support to patients in Hertfordshire. 

You've amassed quite the following! Will you keep running online quizzes post lockdown? 

It would be great to take Gav Quiz on the road and travel to some hubs around the UK to host live events outside London. There's a real community spirit around the players - everyone talks to each other on the chat function - and once the lockdown is over, it would be great to get everyone together in person. 

What would be your specialist subject on MasterMind?

Back to the Future or, sadly, motorway service stations. They all have innuendos - Watford Gap, Knutsford, Leicester Forest...  it makes them easy to remember! 

How have you been keeping busy during the lockdown (quizmastering aside!)? 

The quiz has taken over my life! I had a bunch of lockdown tasks I wanted to complete, such as cleaning out my office, and I've accomplished none of it. This quiz is the first thing I think about when I wake up - I literally have a weekly 5 page crib list for it. 

After months indoors, people are hungry for new content to stream. What are your Top 3 films for getting through these strange new times? 

Back to the Future Parts I, II and III. Sorted.

To buy a ticket for next Sunday's quiz, please click here.

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