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Sequin Kay and Paul Mortimore: 127 Velocities at The Smallest Gallery in Soho

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Time 07:00
Date 01/02/20
Price Free

Weaving together a dynamic fusion of hand-crafted textile and digital production mastery, 127 Velocities is a modern-day statement on the philosophical view of the ‘sublime’ inspired by Immanuel Kant.

In this contemporary creative practice, the duo weave together their practices to invite audiences to inquire on their perceptions of the sublime, through the powerful and arresting medium of Digital Contemporary Practice.

This visual piece is an experimental and dynamic fusion of traditional hand-crafted textile art by Kay and digital production mastery by Mortimore, where we see traditional embroidery techniques transformed through the lens of modern technology. Hand embroidered sequin crystal and bead embellished artworks have been documented through digital HD capture and re-constructed through cutting edge digital projection.

By merging their disciplines this immersive visualisation features a digital projection which is divided into 127 positional rings or Velocities. This produces numerous combinations of light of varying wavelengths.

About the Artists

Sequin Kay (@sequinkayart) is a contemporary textile artist, living and working in both the UK and Goa. Metaphysics, Cultural heritage and existentialism are particular elements and themes explored within her work, with traces of her Irish and Moroccan heritage intricately woven into her textile art-works through the use of abstraction, pattern, embroidery and embellishment. Originally trained as an abstract oil painter and sculptor at Camberwell College of Arts though many of the embroidery and textile-based techniques present in her work today are self-taught.  She has exhibited extensively in London; shows include Moniker Art Fair, Clerkenwell Design Week, Parallax Art Fair and the Dulwich Picture Gallery. International showcases of her work include galleries in Miami, Ibiza, Canada, Berlin, Ireland, Spain and Malta.  Sequin has delivered innovative textile workshops at Shoreditch House, Idler Academy and was a special guest artist at Arts Festival in Beirut in 2018.

Native Londoner Paul Mortimore (@paul.mortimore) is an artist working in LIVE event visuals, custom neon artwork, film and immersive experience.
Based on London City Island, Paul has over 20 years commercial experience in the creative industries. Starting out in ’95 as a graphic designer cut and pasting Rock 'n' Roll posters in Denver Colorado USA. He has worked with brands and agencies including Mixmag, Burberry, BBC and Saatchi & Saatchi.
His work specialises in immersive experience exploring themes of identity, parasocial relationships and the post-digital paradigm. By incorporating aspects of cinema and X-reality, he creates innovative forms of storytelling and narrative experience engaging audiences in new ways.

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