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Curious: Wild Longings at St Dunstan in the East

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Time 11:30
Date 14/09/19
Price £10

Wild Longings invites you to unearth your passions in a sensuous horticultural journey that celebrates inclusivity, interconnectivity and survival.

Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September, 11:30, 13:30 & 15:30.

Join artists Curious on a luscious garden tour sown with stories of transformation, conservation tips and songs, and rooted with a desire to provide succour to each other and the environment.

Encounter the enchanting tour-guide Helen Paris and her passionate ode to the transgender Fortingall Yew, get hands-on conservation tips from raconteur gardener Leslie Hill and let chanteuse Claudia Barton beguile you with a fantasia of song inspired by botanical delights.

St Dunstan in the East is claimed to be the most beautiful public garden in the City. After the Church of St Dunstan was bombed in the Blitz of 1941, the ruins, and the unscathed church tower and steeple designed by Sir Christopher Wren, were turned into an enchanting public garden.

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