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WIRED Smarter: Turn Disruption into a Business Strategy at King's Place

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Time 08:30
Date 30/10/19
Price £99

WIRED Smarter, a one-day event designed to brief senior executives on critical business trends and innovation through a series of digestible keynotes, anecdotal sessions and meaningful connections.

WIRED – the brand covering the individuals, companies and ideas set to change the future of the world – has created WIRED Smarter, a one-day conference dedicated to exploring the future of business. Focusing on retail, money and security, the event features an editorially-curated programme of compelling speakers  from a variety of industries, backgrounds and perspectives, startup showcases and experiences. Attendees can pull insight and inspiration from a collection of perspectives, so that they can turn disruption into a useable, action-driven, future-flexing business strategy.

Join WIRED as an engaging way to benchmark, source inspiration, meet new contacts and get in early on some of the most fascinating trends, technology and disruptors in the retail and money sectors.

The retail and money industries continue to find new footing as business ecosystems are disrupted by the influx of startups offering alternative services, the impact of rapid technological advances, and by fast-changing consumers – data-sensitive, brand non-committal, and very trusting in technology.

However, disruption doesn’t just happen overnight – and it will only continue to evolve. So it is critical that businesses resist the temptation of reacting with short-term strategies, and look forward instead. But towards which direction are customers, businesses and industries moving? What nascent technology and innovations are on the horizon? Who is navigating through these challenges and what can we learn from them?

These challenges will be addressed through a full day of discussions, tracks dedicated to retail and money, and an additional workshop focused on security elements.

As with other WIRED events, the day will culminate in an evening reception with the Test Lab’s selection of hands-on demos and fun exhibits.

There will be tailored sessions designed for startups, scaleups and investment attendees.