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Book Launch: Future Cities - Architecture and the Imagination at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL

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Time 18:00
Date 28/02/19
Price Free
  • Produced by UCL
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Join the UCL for the launch of Future Cities: Architecture and the Imagination by Paul Dobraszczyk, plus a panel discussion with the book's author and writer Darran Anderson.

Architects, artists, filmmakers and fiction writers have long been inspired to imagine cities of the future, but their speculative visions tend to be seen very differently from scientific predictions: flights of fancy on the one hand versus practical reasoning on the other. Challenging this opposition, 'Future Cities' teases out the links between speculation and practice, exploring a breathtaking range of imagined cities – submerged, floating, flying, vertical, underground, ruined and salvaged. In the Netherlands, prototype floating cities are already being built; Dubai’s recent skyscrapers resemble those of science-fiction cities of the past; while makeshift settlements built by the urban poor in the developing world are already like the dystopian cities of cyberpunk. Bringing together architecture, fiction, film and art, the book re-connects the imaginary city with the real – proposing a future for humanity that is already grounded in the present and in creative practices of many kinds.

As mentioned above, the launch will feature a panel including the book's author Paul Dobraszczyk and writer Darran Anderson, chaired by Peg Rawes (The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL) and followed by a reception.