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Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix Walkthrough Tips - Main Missions # 018

Once on board, lean to the left and kill one guard and then another behind the boxes.Go back downstairs and another guard will appear behind the boxes - where you just were.The door downstairs is locked, so don't go there.

Open the middle door next to the stairs, kill the guard in the dining room.Search the rooms on the left and right and take the red card from the dining room, then go left, to the door on the left - there are two guards next to them and kill them.

Return to the inside of the ship, find the stairs leading down and use them.Go left, kill the guard in the corridor - some enemies will appear as soon as you hear any voices.Start searching the rooms culturally by opening the door with your lockpicks (key), and treat locked boxes in the same way - they contain valuable ammunition.In one of the rooms you will meet a sleeping guard - make sure that he does not wake up.

While searching the rooms, you will kill the guards in the corridors.In the meantime, you will also find the second red card.

Kill the last guard in the corridor and find the exit to the deck with many containers.Head towards the bow - kill the guard behind the boxes.

Also deal with the second and go to the instruments.Climb the stairs and press the button.There is armor below, but if you pick it up, you will have to face new guards on the way back.In any case, go to the windows of the ship and climb the stairs.Lean out and kill the guard outside the window.

Here the Uzi will be even more useful.You start with the boxes, sit on the railing and go to the door, then to the second - the first enemy runs out of them.Go to the end of the railing - the door is closed, but better take care of the guards - one is standing next to the door, and two are behind the boxes on the left.

Jump onto the boxes, jump between them and get to the next room below.Kill the guard next to the door, then approach the barrier and lean out - you will meet another one.

Go to the corner of the room, there one of the boxes moves so that you can jump over the railing.Immediately after you do this, a guard will appear on the bridge and treat him accordingly.Approach the door on the left, lean out - there are two guards in the room and the third will soon come running.When they die, continue down the hallway.

Downstairs, on the stairs, there will be another guard - handle him from the grenade launcher and when he dies, go downstairs.Walk along the pier, at the end of which there is another enemy - I leave a way to kill him.Take the first aid kits from the boxes (if you can) and go down the corridor to the next engine room. f-escort.com
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