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Hitman. Passage of game # 079

pin down
fossil blow
1 Refinement
+1 Intellect
1 Build
+1 villain
+1 Necromancer
+1 Persuasion
Raise bloated corpse
a swarm of mosquitoes
Leech Talent - treats the character when he is standing in a pool of blood.
Shiv (dagger, 3-4 physical damage)
+2 intelligence
+1 Pirokinetichesky
+1 Geomancer
+1 Loremaster
flaming daggers
Talent Far Out Man - increases the range of scrolls and spells by 2 meters.
Makeshift Wand (rod 2-3 damage random element)
human undead
Undead, Human, Male, Mystic, Scientist Fein
start bonuses
Starting abilities and talents
The starting gun
Battle Mage
+1 Strength
+1 Aeroturg
+1 War
blinding Lights
Shocking touch
2x Sharp Stone on a Stick (Handaxe 4-5 physical damage)
+1 gidrozofist
1 Barter
decaying touch
Talent Hothead - when the character 100% health, he gets a 10% bonus to critical chance and + 20% accuracy.
Claw Hammer (One-Handed baton, 4-5 physical damage)
Self-made shield (shield 6 and 8 robe physical armor)
+2 Constitution
Call +1

Fort Joy Map of Divinity: Original Sin 2 contains all the secrets and treasures that you can find on the first island Fort Joy. We have identified all noteworthy vendors selling books, spells and equipment. You can also find all the important battles that await you in this area. We also pointed out the entrances to the other location (including secret), you have to find the most useful.
Skill books SCOUNDREL
Hilda - a woman from the ghetto Fort Joy.
Exter - Sanctuary of Amadiyah.
Skill books WARFARE
Kalias - lizard in a hidden cave in the ghetto Fort Joy.
Gareth - man in the Sanctuary of Amadiyah (after you save it in a quest most dangerous when cornered).
Map Fort Joy
Key Points Card Fort Joy
Sebilly - Sebilly, fellow elves who can join the group.
Beast - the beast, the dwarf companion that can join the squad player.
Fein - Fein, a fellow undead, who can join the group of players.
Lohse - Losch, a fellow person who can join the player.
Ifan ben Mezd - Ifan ben Mezd, satellite-person who can join the party. Tournaments are also open for you here, which you can read about on the official website and receive a notification to your email as soon as they are scheduled. Also, the captainmarlincasino.com casino platform provides bonus codes that provide users with spins.
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