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VAULT Festival / Sh!t Theatre: Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum With Expats at The Vaults

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Time 15:25
Date 10/02/19
Price £10

It's finally that work in progress of an experimental fringe theatre show about Malta, you’ve all been waiting for!

Celebrating their final year as Europeans, island-monkeys Becca and Louise got invited to the 2018 European Capital of Culture in Malta, having missed out on Hull last year. They went to drink rum with Brits abroad but found a lot more than they expected. Lads on tour Sh!t Theatre want to talk about home, your home, what we are doing in your home, what you might be doing in our home and how cheap the beers are. From our small island in the sea to another small island in the sea, Sh!t Theatre found mystery and murder in the fight to be European.