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Three Sisters by RashDash, After Chekhov at The Yard

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Time 20:00
Date 22/05/18
Price £15
  • Produced by RashDash
  • Price £15
  • Get ready and join RashDash as they philosophise their heads off in the drawing room.
  • Bring along your electric guitar.
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  • See you at The Yard Theatre

A brand new perspective on Chekhov's classic, RashDash ask - what if they were the three sisters, Olga, Masha and Irena?

Running from: Tue 22 May - Sat 09 Jun.

A drawing room in 1901. We are going to philosophise our heads off!

Using Three Sisters, RashDash ask all the big questions that Chekhov did. How should I make the most of being alive in this moment? How should I try to enjoy life whilst also being a good person who makes space for a better future? What is love and where do I find it? What work needs to be done? Why do the men in this play have all the lines?

Chekhov. Dead, white man. A classic play. A period drama with surprises.