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A Moving Image + panel discussion at Stanley’s Film Club

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Time 19:30
Date 15/09/17
Price £10

Shola Amoo’s A Moving Image is an award winning multimedia feature film about gentrification in Brixton, incorporating fiction, documentary and performance art.

Nina is a young stifled artist returning to her community after a long absence, only to find that she is now being painted as a symbol of gentrification. As she struggles with her own complicity, she takes on the challenge of creating a piece of art that can bring her community together. On her journey she speaks to real people affected by gentrification in Brixton, blurring the line between reality and fiction. So, is it possible to regenerate an area without stripping away its soul and displacing its natives? The director, who is a born and bred south Londoner, explores this question as he gets under the skin of gentrification, confronting those all important issues of race, community and class that are so recognisable on our own streets in South Norwood.

Followed by a panel discussion with Lisa McKenzie, Ian Bone and Betiel Mehari, a Brixton resident who features in the film: Lisa McKenzie: A British sociologist and research fellow at the London School of Economics, whose research interests focus on class inequality, social justice, and British working class culture. Lisa is author of Getting By: Estates, Class and Culture in Austerity Britain. Ian Bone: Author of Bash the Rich and active in anarchist class politics since the 1960s. Ian founded the paper Alarm in Swansea, resulting in a local councillor being jailed for corruption, as well as the newspaper Class War in the 1980s. He continues at 70 to fight for justice for his class, including campaigns against gentrification and social cleansing. Betiel Mehari: A mother of two and activist who has lived and worked in Brixton for 11 years. Betiel began campaigning as a direct result of the regeneration of Brixton and started a campaign called Guinness Occupation and Guinness Trust AST, occupying a flat to stop the evictions of many families in Somerleyton Road in 2015.