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LSFF: New Shorts - Contains Sexual Content at the ICA

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Time 20:30
Date 16/01/18
Price £12

One night or two. Solo or extra-marital. With or without the preceding Netflix. A programme of shorts about the hot, heavy, fleshy and fucked up.

Probe modern relationships from beginning to end, at their least conventional and most complex. Watch out for Obvious Child writer Karen Paine's directorial debut Yes God Yes starring Natalia Dyer (Stranger Things), and Valene Kane (Rogue One) in No Pain Whatsoever.

OUTLINES - Ellie Rogers (16 mins)
A teenage girl unexpectedly spends an evening with her father’s hired escort. Despite an initial prejudice a bond develops between them as the escort recognises the girl's feelings towards a delivery girl and offers to help.

YES GOD YES - Karen Maine (12 mins)
Fifteen-year old Alice has always been a good Catholic, but when an innocent AOL chat turns unexpectedly racy, she finds herself suddenly obsessed with masturbating.

HOTEL DE LA COMETEHarald Hutter (15 mins)
Like the afterburn of a comet, burned-out passion fades in the darkness. A story of desire, romance and eventual heartbreak between young lovers, shot on 16mm in Paris. As Hôtel de la Comète unfolds we discover how Gabrielle and Sasha met, how they loved each other and how they separated.

NO PAIN WHATSOEVER - Alex Kendall (15 mins)
Set in 1950s Britain, based on a story by Richard Yates – we follow a young woman, Myra (Valene Kane), as she visits her husband, Harry (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), in a tuberculosis sanatorium. With his recovery seemingly out of sight, she has begun to develop a life away from him and now faces a painful choice between these worlds.

ALICE - Gregory Oke (16 mins)
A young woman goes about her day despite the impending departure of her lover. A portrait of someone determined to carry on and an exploration of the pain of being left.

SLAP HAPPY - Madeleine Sims-Fewer / Dusty Mancinelli (11 mins)
A dysfunctional couple with a penchant for twisted sexual fantasies fight to stay together as their relationship crumbles over the course of a day.

PRICKED - Justin Batchelor (6 mins)
It's Sunday night, hook-up time. The mood goes wrong when Adam thinks too much.