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The Disaster Artist at the Electric Cinema

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Time 21:15
Date 14/12/17
Price £19
  • Price £8 - £19
  • Get ready for the film about the disastrous film.
  • Bring along your strange mannerisms, unusual voice and awkward laugh.
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It's a film about a film. In fact, quite possibly the worst film of all time. The Disaster Artist follows the production of Wiseau's The Room, it's troubled development and eventual cult success.

Showing at the Electric Cinema, Shoreditch from: Fri 1 - Thu 14 Dec & Fri 8 - Thu 14 Dec at the Electric Cinema, Portobello.

Imagine the worst film you’ve ever seen, not just bad but gloriously bad, in fact, it's often referred to as ‘the Citizen Kane of bad movies’. Well, that film is called The Room and it’s one whose reputation as being the worst ever made has made it something of a cult hit. James Franco and Seth Rogan are among its ‘fans’ and have teamed up to make The Disaster Artist, a film which uses the star’s account of events to piece together just how a film like The Room came to be.