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Future Fridays / Jia-Yu Corti & Owen Ridley-DeMonick: Snakes at Chisenhale Dance Space

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Time 19:30
Date 17/05/19
Price £5

Combining Butoh-influenced dance, live sound and installation, Snakes reimagines the well-known image of the snake, a symbol of power, erotica and transformation.

Snakes examines the power of touch and the politics of being together, between collaborators, performers and audiences. In this project, Jia-Yu and Owen use live and recorded sound, Butoh influenced movement and installation to reimagine the Chinese legend of The White Snake, a story that insinuates the fear of female power and subsequent oppression of the feminine. Taking the stylistically macabre and carefully considered mindset of Butoh dance and referencing their own history and identity, they reinterpret the well-known image of the snake, a symbol of power, erotica and transformation to generate meaning through a continuous and mutually creative dialogue.

Drawing on sensations and emotional states emerging through their collaborative process, the project investigates the politics of gender and identity from their ostensibly defined perspectives. Seeking to connect, negotiate and come to terms with differences, Snakes reflects the struggle they face.