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Fiver Fridays: Triple bill curated by Danai Pappa at Chisenhale Dance Space

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Time 19:30
Date 25/05/18
Price £5

A triple bill of works from Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi, anthologyofamess and Danai Pappa & Neal Spowage, connecting people, trees and space.

A Tree Without Leaves
by Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi

In Chad, there is a proverb, which says “A tree without leaves is like a woman without children”. My mother’s mother had 20 children. My mother lost 3. And now there’s me. This is a danced response to stories that come from Maria da Luz’ family. Using dance, drawing and singing to test the meaning of womanhood in contemporary society, this solo looks at the connection between a woman’s physical body and her inner self.

Ariel Ariel
by Danai Pappa & Neal Spowage

Ariel Ariel is a duet based on the use of two sculptural handmade instruments. The piece is a comment on personal space, disturbance and the disruption of human connections within post-digital culture. The instruments are analogue, junk, electronic noise sculptures. Their sound is sensitive to alternation from the electromagnetic fields generated by all technologies in the room. One dancer and one musician, both on stage, explore interdisciplinary understanding by shared experience and cross into one another’s areas of expertise.

All These Environments in Which We Have Existed for a Hundred and Fifty Years
by anthologyofamess

P: These environments in which we’ve existed…
M: Calor humano; sangre latino, coño! We are the landscape, we are… we are the mountains; we are the hills, the waterfalls, the coral reefs.
P: We are the dirty rocks and coral reefs, and the plastic polluted sea and the oily landfills. Now bring it in, calor humano.
A: Repeat, so I can write it.
P: Tremble, trembling…
A: Like a desert… think of ice-cream scoops. We are sweet-salty, we are scoops and we are soft. And that is because we think of the dunes, we can be dunes, we are dunes.
P: Maybe we are a hundred-year-old all of us together. Maybe more.