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A Night in Havana at The Candlelight Club

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Time 19:00
Date 01/06/18
Price £25

A wild night of jazz, cabaret, vintage vinylism and classic Cuban cocktails. What more could you ask for?

When Prohibition was enacted, Cuba—tantalisingly close to the US but untroubled by the alcohol ban—suddenly became party central for thirsty Americans. Airlines would organise "booze cruise" boat plane flights from Florida straight into Havana harbour. The local drink was rum and rum cocktails pioneered at famous bars like Sloppy Joe's and Floridita went on to become classics that we still drink today.

Upmarket clubs and hotels had jazz bands just like their American counterparts, ensuring that the good times rolled. At The Candlelight Club's celebration of Old Havana, they too will have live jazz from the Shirt Tail Stompers, as well as cabaret from Champagne Charlie and the vintage vinylism of our DJ Auntie Maureen. There will also be a menu of classic Cuban cocktails from the time.