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The Last Tuesday Society: A Danse Macabre, The Halloween Ball at Scala

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Time 21:00
Date 31/10/18
Price £23

A baroque carnival of lust and disgust, this is London's most magnificent Halloween ball. Expect live bands, performances, life drawing, freak show, circus surrealism and more.

To be held across the many magnificent floors and chambers of King's Cross magnificent palace of the night - the former primatarium where great apes once gambled - the Scala. Featuring 4 fantasy rooms to explore, you can expect...

Live Bands: Perhaps Contraption + more to be announced.

Performance Art, Kabaret, Freak Show, Circus Surrealism

Opera Singer: Valis Volkova

DJs Playing The Devils Music: Electro-Swing, Big Top Burlesque, Mexican Day of the Dead, Gypsy Punk, Party Mash-Ups, Classical Dance Macabre.

Life Drawing

Menagerie (Alive & Dead)

Chocolate Fountain & A Midnight Feast of Yesterdays Cakes & Viktor Wynd’s Famous Cheeseboard.
The Marquis De Sade’s Dungeon

Dress Code: The Beautiful & The Damned. Think: Top Hats & Tails, Velvet & Gore, Dead Animals & Living Freaks, Savile Row in a Coffin, Your great Grandmother’s Wedding Dress (The One She Was Buried In), Zombies & Butchers, Tiaras & Ruby Red Blood, Mexican Day of the Dead, Plague Masks.
Remember, no costume, no admission. But, there are prizes, prizes, prizes for the best dressed.