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All I Know Is What’s On The Internet at The Photographers' Gallery

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Time 10:00
Date 26/10/18
Price Free

A new exhibition presenting work of contemporary artists seeking to map, visualise & question the cultural dynamics of digital knowledge production through an examination of 21st Century photography.

Running from: Fri 26 Oct 2018 - Sun 24 Feb 2019.

Moving beyond the façade of the computer screen, which by its very (glossy) nature seems to disavow any sense of industry or effort, the selected works draw on the experiences of content moderaters, Google street view photographers, and the global workforce employed by Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to describe images for machine vision algorithms. In doing so, the selected artists draw attention to the neglected corners of the photography and global image economy and the scale of human labour required to support it.

Through the presentation of a range of projects which playfully disrupt, confuse or question these new image/knowledge economies, All I Know Is What’s On The Internet presents a radical exploration of cultural value and digital labour at a time when the boundaries between truth and fiction, machine and human are being increasingly called into question.